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Holy moly, Logan's covered on a Christmas album!

So I was going about my business, doing things including but not limited to digging chiptunes, when I came across a link on several blogs. It is to an album called Merry Pixmas. It was a free download, and I like things that are free, so I downloaded it. I then forgot about it all weekend. Then, tonight, I decided to give it a look. After unzipping it, I found that Track 4 is a song called "Me and the Snowman".

Yes, THAT "Me and the Snowman".

Somebody named "werto" covered it for the album and it is now flying around the internet at record speeds, posted on all kinds of cool places. Werto lives in ITALY. How cool is this??

Here's a link to the album:

Here's a link to werto:

And here's a link to just Me and the Snowman, if that's all you're after:

Be sure to drop werto some good comments on his Myspace! They dedicated the entire Merry Pixmas album to Logan :)
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