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[10 May 2014|11:37pm]

I was surprised that this wasn't posted about here!

Someone's been running a "Logan Award" in comedy music and they're doing a kickstarter for this year.

I don't know the name, but Emily posted about it on facebook, so it's gotta be legit, right?
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[15 Nov 2011|01:01am]

I saw They Might Be Giants for the first time last night and was struck by the vague resemblance between you (circa your performance in Petaluma) and John Linnell last night.

I also had occasion to recall the time I visited OSH and discovered an army of Vanilla clones in their outdoor section this weekend.

Two days ago, I made a CD for a coworker who had said "...is that a band? I've never heard of them." too many times to me. "Fission or Fusion", "The Robot Cat", and "The Audobon Society" went on that album.

All this activity -- and I was unaware until my computer reminded me that it's that time of year. I take this to mean that -- in some way or another -- you're still a giant part of my life.

There's still people out there who are only just discovering your work and learning the joy you spread so liberally on little cassettes, on big internets, and in small town theaters.

I can't think of a better way that I could've said happy birthday, Mr. President.
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[15 Nov 2010|12:05am]

Today, Logan would have turned 33.

I would have began looking for vinyl records to give him 4 months from now.
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I know you like french toast, I know you do [02 Apr 2010|11:09am]

I was looking for something in an old notebook, and I found Logan's recipe for french toast. It's silly, but I thought I'd scan it and share it. He was kind enough to illustrate the recipe for me after I'd written it down. This is from July 2002.

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Very Tiny Songs [18 Nov 2009|10:47pm]

I've never been quite clear on this, is the copy of Very Tiny Songs that was published Logan's final work or was he still in the process of making it?
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Help with contacting? [27 Sep 2009|02:18pm]

I was wanting to do a cover of Logan's song "Wash My Hands" for my next disk, and I talked to someone else who had done a cover for his CD about who to contact for that, and he told me to contact Logan's father, but he lost his contact info. Anyone have his email address, because I couldn't find it. If someone could help me out with this, that would be great. Thanks.
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Memorial video [22 Jul 2009|02:58am]

I've recently fallen in love with some of the covers in this video so I came to wonder...
1) who filmed the memorial
2) do they still have a high quality copy of the video
3) could they put up a torrent of it if they do OR
4) could they rip audio from it so i can split it into songs

especially interested in some of judah's, because i love his voice
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new Logan compilation [20 Apr 2009|10:42am]

Hey everyone,

I got permission from Emily to go ahead with the Logan Whitehurst netlabel compilation, and it's live!   You can check it out here:



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Unreleased junk [24 Jan 2009|01:16am]

half the stuff on this page is not on this one.

#1- what gives
#2- i would love whatever everyone has

also i have officially decided that i am totally sick of all the tagging discrepancies in logan's music. blah!
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Holy moly, Logan's covered on a Christmas album! [21 Dec 2008|10:06pm]


So I was going about my business, doing things including but not limited to digging chiptunes, when I came across a link on several blogs. It is to an album called Merry Pixmas. It was a free download, and I like things that are free, so I downloaded it. I then forgot about it all weekend. Then, tonight, I decided to give it a look. After unzipping it, I found that Track 4 is a song called "Me and the Snowman".

Yes, THAT "Me and the Snowman".

Somebody named "werto" covered it for the album and it is now flying around the internet at record speeds, posted on all kinds of cool places. Werto lives in ITALY. How cool is this??

Here's a link to the album:

Here's a link to werto:

And here's a link to just Me and the Snowman, if that's all you're after:

Be sure to drop werto some good comments on his Myspace! They dedicated the entire Merry Pixmas album to Logan :)
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Two years [03 Dec 2008|06:07pm]

Here we are again, Junior Scientists. Another year without Logan gone by, with our memories of him for most of us being firmly rooted in his wonderful music.

Take a few today and play a song, or an album, in his honour. May he continue to rest in peace.
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Logan Whitehurst Last.FM Group [26 Nov 2008|10:23pm]

Hello, all! I just joined this group now, but I've been listening to Logan's music for about a year or so. Anyway, I wanted to post a Logan Whitehurst Last.FM group that I lead: http://www.last.fm/group/Logan+Whitehurst

Please join if you have a Last.FM account, I would appreciate it. Thank you!
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Logan reference in this week's "Idiot Box." [14 Nov 2008|03:18pm]

My co-writers (also JSC fans) and I slipped a quick Logan Whitehurst reference into this week's "Idiot Box" video podcast. I won't ruin the surprise for those fans who want to check it out, but it's near the end of the "Tom and Jerry" cartoon in this week's episode.

Podcast main page: http://www.idiotboxers.tv
This week's episode: http://www.idiotboxers.tv/episode-7.php
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A small request [04 Oct 2008|01:07am]

Does anyone out there in Science Club Land have a copy of the alternate, non-album version of Do the Confusion that they could send me?

I got a little overzealous in purging duplicate tracks from my computer, and for some reason, that one isn't posted with the other Goodbye My Four Track alternates at http://www.juniorscienceclub.com/loganarchive/index.html The live version is there, but not the alternate track.

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best of CD for Logan [23 Sep 2008|06:17pm]

Hello all,

I'm Lee, and I run an indie netlabel called Happy Puppy Records. I was an big fan and supporter of Logan's music back in the mp3. com days, and I treasure my CD-R copies of his first couple of albums which I bought from there. It's hard to believe he's gone, in fact I still don't really believe it.

I want to create a 'best of' compilation of the freely downloadable tracks from the jrscienceclub archive and host it on my netlabel website (with a link back to the website so people can buy his music too) in order to expose his music to a wider audience.

I'd like to get permission from his family for this project, so if his sister reads this (or someone can tell me how to get in touch with her) can you email me?


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Logan-inspired music [02 Aug 2008|09:13pm]

Hey guys! My friend Tom Milsom makes music. If any of you have ever heard of him, it's probably because of his ukelele serenade "Internet Love Song" that was recently featured on YouTube.

Wellll, I showed him Logan and he made three songs with undeniable influence in them that I thought you guys might enjoy:

Four-Foot Squirrel
Friz' Birthday Song
Paradoxical Brain Cancer

Cheers! :)
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Another Lovely Song for Logan [22 Jul 2008|11:56pm]

20 Minute Loop's shiny new album, Famous People Marry Famous People, includes a wonderful tribute to our dear President. The song and lyrics are available here: http://20minuteloop.bandcamp.mu/track/winsor-mccay

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[02 Jul 2008|04:39pm]

I listened to Linda Arnold's "Splash Zone" tape today, and it begins with Linda saying, "Hello, Junior Scientists! Today we're going to learn all about the ocean!" I couldn't help but remember Logan and "I Love the Ocean".

And speaking of Logan, I filmed a sitcom that has a few scenes with a tall girl, and I absolutely had to use part of "(She's) Ten Feet Tall" for the opening shot of her. I thought you guys would appreciate it. It's at 2:35 in the movie:

Five snowman points to the person who can guess where the name Marie came from!
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Is anyone interested? [27 Jun 2008|06:31pm]
 If anyone is interested in the minutia of Logan, and I think you are, I found the detailed reports supplied to me by the college radio publicist  who worked on the GBM4T campaign. It includes charting info for dozens of stations and in some cases brief comments from the station manager.  It'll take time and effort to post it since I'll have to scan and block out personal info and phone numbers, but I'll do it if anyone is actually interested. I mean, how else would you know that Logan was HUGE in Bozeman, Montana?

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So... [23 Jun 2008|10:13pm]

Any Logan Whitehurst MIDIs out there on the internets?
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