leerosevere (leerosevere) wrote in jrscienceclub,

best of CD for Logan

Hello all,

I'm Lee, and I run an indie netlabel called Happy Puppy Records. I was an big fan and supporter of Logan's music back in the mp3. com days, and I treasure my CD-R copies of his first couple of albums which I bought from there. It's hard to believe he's gone, in fact I still don't really believe it.

I want to create a 'best of' compilation of the freely downloadable tracks from the jrscienceclub archive and host it on my netlabel website (with a link back to the website so people can buy his music too) in order to expose his music to a wider audience.

I'd like to get permission from his family for this project, so if his sister reads this (or someone can tell me how to get in touch with her) can you email me?


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